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Functional Neurology

In the most basic terms, functional neurology is the process of reconfiguring the nervous system — and specifically — the brain and its neuroplasticity. This broad category of rehabilitation comes in various forms of healthcare, and uses an individual’s own brain activity to strengthen damaged neurons. Just as gyms are used to build muscles, functional neurology is an effective method for natural, holistic neurological growth. It commonly provides rehabilitation for concussions, migraines, dizziness and vertigo. It can also help those recovering from more serious conditions as well, such as strokes, tumors, and various disorders.

Functional neurology differs from medical neurology in that it provides healthcare for a wide-range of conditions, especially ones that medical neurologists fail to identify. It is welcomed to those who want to treat diagnosed medical conditions, as well as people who wish to improve their long-term quality of life. It does not prescribe medication or surgical procedures, but rather a natural and therapeutic methodology.