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By chance, I met Dr. Tony Murray about 5 years ago. I have been using chiropractors for at least 40 years to help me with my lower back problems. Dr. Murray, by far and without a doubt in my mind is the best of the best. He listens, he examines and he has the gift to make people better so they can live a normal life. Dr. Tony is a no nonsense doctor and is a rare commodity, because he has also studied neurology and has a title of chiropractic neurologist. Dr. Tony Murray's office is in Saint Petersburg, I now live in Bradenton. He is worth the 30 mile drive and time for me to make the trip, because I know he will help and fix me better than no other. If you are in pain with your back, go to Dr. Murray, he has the ability and gift to help you.

Ron G.Google Reviews

I am very happy to have found Murray Chiropractic Neurology in my health journey! I have been experiencing back, neck and hip pain as well as fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog and other autoimmune disease symptoms for four plus years now.A friend recommended to see Dr. Murray for chiropractic and neurologic care and I am so grateful she did. Each appointment is very thorough and Dr. Murray explains why each exercise/treatment is necessary and how it helps in your recovery. I have tried several chiropractors in my efforts to return to my healthy, active lifestyle and I have received the FASTEST results from my treatments and the health tips and tools Dr. Murray provides. Best Chiropractic care I have received, no doubt. I encourage anyone who is looking to feel better and live life with less pain/discomfort to schedule an appointment!

Sophie R.Google Reviews

Dr. Jesso is the first doctor I’ve seen that seems to truly care about finding answers to my vertigo cause. She has spent countless hours with me, helping me get to the root of my issues rather than sending me on my way with a prescription drug that will only put a bandaid on my problem. She has been an answer to my prayers, so kind and compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I would give her more than 5 stars if I could!

Sarah R.Google Reviews

Don’t typically write reviews but my girlfriend and I recently had a great experience with Dr. Jesso. She is extremely knowledgeable and spends a lot of time with you to understand your sources of pain and develop a thorough course of treatment tailored to your specific needs. We are definitely looking forward to our follow up appointments and we highly recommend her.

Andrew M.Google Reviews

I had a car accident and searched for functional medicine and chiropractors on Google. Dr. Murray popped up and when I called, his kind and attentive staff got me in right away that very day. The pandemic was unfolding and many offices had limited hours but Dr. Murray came in everyday to provide treatment for my injuries. I have made such tremendous progress with his therapies and I cannot recommend both Dr. Murray and Dr. Jesso more. They both have that rare combination of a vast knowledge base plus a true passion for regaining health.

Kerry S.Google Reviews

ABSOLUTELY adore Dr.Jesso! I have recently been going to her every week for overall body pain and the compassion and knowledge she has shared with me has been fantastic! All of her treatments are great, including her pressure to align, gentle and effective! I always feel better leaving the office and my body has started to feel much much better. She also answers all of your questions and actually LISTENS. She comes up with a plan and gets to work! Look no further! I am a super happy patient 🙂

Sunamys V.Google Reviews

Highly Recommend Dr. Kim Jesso with Murray Chiropractic Neurology! She is very knowledgeable and helped me figure out why I was in so much pain when no other doctors could help me.

Nicole L.Facebook Reviews

I love everyone who works here. Dr. Murray and Dr. Jesso are the kindest people in this business and won’t let you leave until you feel incredible. I could never imagine going anywhere else.

Delaney W.Google Reviews

Friendly staff who listen to what you say. The tens machine is amazing on sore areas. Dr. Murray and Dr. Jesso are caring and love to help with your Chiropractic and physical therapy needs. I have been going to them for over two years and wouldn't go anywhere else.

Shelly R.Google Reviews

This is the best experience I've had with a chiropractor ever! Tony and Kim provide way more than just your standard chiropractor. I'm so lucky to have found them, they can treat so much more than simple adjustments and back pain from massage therapy to recovery techniques. I highly investigating all that they do as you may be surprised at what they can help you with!

Bryan W.Facebook Reviews

Dr. Murray is the best chiropractor I've ever been to - and I've seen quite a few over the years. His neurology approach makes a huge difference in treating my back. Unlike every other practitioner who has you in and out in under five minutes, he actually spends at least 30 minutes adjusting my entire spine. I've been going to him for about six weeks now, once a week, and I can't believe what a difference I feel in my back. In addition, he's giving me exercises in writing to strengthen the areas that need more support. I'm having the least amount of pain that I've had in many years. I highly recommend him! It's life changing.

Coleen S.Facebook Reviews

I cannot recommend Murray Chiropractic Neurology highly enough. This is a total departure from any chiropractic experience I have ever had. Very thorough assessment and manageable course of treatment. You never feel forced or pressured as you sometimes can with chiropractic treatment. Dr. Murray is so personable and professional. Dr. Jesso is incredible too. Legit life changing experience.

Melissa N.Yelp

Dr. Kim Jesso has been such a blessing in relieving my back pain! Her expertise has helped me make strides towards being able to work without a stiff back. Im very grateful for her. Highly recommend!

Molly D.Yelp

Been working with Dr. Murray after a car accident, he is very personable, I have made huge improvements since seeing him, not to mention the girls in the office are angels and such beautiful designing! Long time client here! Thanks Murray

Sonya H.Yelp

Dr. Murray has been very helpful in helping me heal from a car accident. He has listened to me and has treated me with compassion and competence. He used adjustments and corrective exercises as part of my plan for a healthier body moving forward. Initially, he took the time to explain the nature of the injuries in an easy to understand manner. I am grateful that I was referred to him!

Dianne A.Yelp

I went to Dr Kim Jesso for chronic shoulder pain. I knew that there was serious structural damage from an accident I had when I was 18 but I was trying to avoid surgery. Kim fixed my shoulder to the point where I have no pain and nearly full range of motion. If you're looking for options to "traditional" treatments for joint pain I highly recommend MCN and Dr Jesso.

Ernie H.Google Reviews

Dr. Jesso is absolutely amazing! Growing up in sports, I've been to many chiropractors in my day and she is the best! She can help with chronic pain to acute injuries. If you're active in sports even better! She can get you back to feeling amazing and hitting your goals!

Victoria D.Google Reviews

I went to see Dr. Kim Jesso because I was suffering some neck and wrist pain. The office was beautiful and super modern inside, and Kim was outstanding. She was super attentive to my needs and made sure that I was comfortable the whole time. She is extremely knowledgeable about her practice and I left feeling 1000% better. I would recommend Kim in a heartbeat.

Karline S.Google Reviews

I had such an amazing life changing experience with Murray Chiropractic with Kim Jesso!!! She is such a sweetheart and PHENOMENAL at her job. For the past 3 years I had been suffering from this unknown excruciating pain in my heel and right pelvic area. I had seen orthopedics, sports medicine docs, physical therapists, countless massages, dry needling, practically EVERYTHING for the shooting pain in my foot. I was misdiagnosed several times. I was told to not exercise, exercise daily, so many different opinions in several different opposite directions. I was at my wits end, I couldn't even stand up straight longer for a few minutes. I was so miserable. But it all began to get better the moment I walked into Murray Chiropractic, and met with Kim Jesso. When I first met with Kim, she knew exactly what I needed in a heartbeat. She is a truly a natural at her job and got to work immediately. I began seeing her twice a week for about two months, and slowly but surely everything began to dissipate. What's also so wonderful about meeting with Kim is all the exercises and "homework," she provides, her brain is full of therapeutic beneficial rehab exercises. Finally after 2 months, I was FINALLY PAIN FREE! I still I continue to do my "homework" she's prescribed me, and although I only see her on an as needed basis now, she is always there for me with any questions and concerns. It has been almost 3 months since I became pain free and I feel stronger than ever! I am finally enjoying my life all thanks to Kim Jesso!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this wonderful human!! I love you Kim!! Also- Tony is absolutely the man too! His knowledge of movement and rehab exercises is mind blowing, Tony you rock as well!! Thank you both for everything!

Molly P.Facebook Reviews

I'm not one to write reviews but had to take time out to acknowledge Dr. Murray. While on vacation my daughter was complaining about her back and asked to see a Chiropractor. So we made an appointment with Dr. Murray. He listened to her complaints and then did the most thorough exam I've ever seen. He wanted to address other issues that might come in the future as well, not just her immediate needs. Gave us information on things to keep an eye on as she grows to keep her posture aligned. I was so impressed with Dr. Murray and his staff. He fixed her complaints and gave her a list of exercises to do at home. We ended up visiting him twice while on vacation as she and a wave collided and the wave won. I also have to commend him on his ability to make my 12 year old daughter feel comfortable. Dealing with children is not easy and especially a preteen, in my opinion. I wish we lived closer as there are other services that I believe our whole family could benefit from using. I highly encourage visiting this office. You will not be disappointed and might even be inclined to write a review of your amazing experience, just as I am.

Dana D.Google Reviews